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Factors that Determine the Need of an Extension Tank

One of the things that you need to consider to make your water heater system in its perfect condition is to install an extension tank. An extension tank will provide an extra room for the heated water in the storage tank. Just like most forms of matter, water also expands when it is exposed to heat. A 50 gallon of water is expected to expand by about two more gallons when heated.

Without an extension tank, your water heater from the storage tank to the connecting valves will have to withstand increased pressure when the water inside the storage tank expands. When this happens, it can lead to leaks, connecting valves getting disconnected, and worst, your storage tank can shoot upwards like a cannonball. Sure enough, you will be in a lot of inconveniences when you do not act fast and intelligently.

Installing an extension tank will help lower the pressure from your water heater’s storage tank and connecting valve. Thereby, you can prevent scenarios like a flooded basement and damaged water heater that will entail you to spend another device.

Don’t wait for some more time. It is a must to have an extension tank on, but before installing one, you should consider the following factors.


Size of the Storage and Extension Tank

It is vital to know the exact size of the storage tank. You can check that on the label of the product or compute it with the aid of someone who knows how to come up with the right numbers, or you can get some help from some online apps. By knowing the size, the volume of water that can be placed on the storage tank can be derived. The pressure can now be computed.

The bigger the extension tank, the more pressure is taken away from the water heater. When the water expands when being heated, the water that cannot be accommodated in the storage tank can drip into to extension tank, so pressure within the system is lowered.

water supply systemType of Water Supply System

Most communities still use the closed water supply system, which should help you decide to install an extension tank. When you are in a community that has an open water supply system, water can always go back to the community pipeline, so there will be no pressure created inside your water heater system.

Type of Water Heater

When using a tankless water heater, you do not have to think of spending for an extension tank because you do not have a storage tank anyway. It is when you are using the conventional tank water heater that you need an extension tank, and it should be as soon as possible.