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RSA Certification Courses – Containing The Alcohol Epidemic


Not too long ago, before the Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) was enforced, almost all licensed establishments and premises continued to serve alcoholic beverages to their customers, regardless of their condition and level of intoxication. This practice led to numerous unfortunate scenarios, which included damage to the premises, violence, as well as injuries and fatalities due to the drunk driving.

After the introduction of the RSA, the number of these incidents has decreased significantly, but highly intoxicated individuals still cause serious threats to both other individuals and themselves. This is exactly why government authorities have taken the matter into their hands and implemented appropriate regulations on the hospitality industry.

Severe effects of alcohol

alcoholBefore they start working in the hospitality industry, new employees must understand the negative effects alcohol can have on the human organism. They must also know how some customers react once they become intoxicated. This can have a great effect on the community in some ways – their families, friends, and surroundings. Recognizing and understanding the signs of intoxication allows the employees to make better judgments on whether to refuse or serve an intoxicated customer. Also, employees, especially bartenders, must be able to deal with intoxicated customers, in case they react after being refused the service.

Underage drinking

Of course, there is also the problem of underage drinking, as well. Consuming alcohol at a young age can cause lots of damage to the young and developing body. Unfortunately, the majority of teenagers are simply unaware of the serious health issues that alcohol consumption can lead to. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of the licensed establishments and their employees to ensure they are not serving alcoholic beverages to young, underage individuals.

This is exactly where RSA certifications, obtained through RSA training courses, can make a substantial difference. Sometimes, it is very difficult to determine the age of an individual, so the staff must also learn how to look for a proof of age.

RSA Courses

The legal responsibilities and requirements of those who work in the hospitality sector are pretty onerous but extremely necessary, to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment for their customers, and a safe, working one for themselves.

Therefore, it is required, in most states and regions, for the employees to undergo the appropriate courses in their regions. These employees include:

  • All those involved in the supply, sale, and service of alcoholic beverages, including the floor staff, bar staff, as well as any promotional staff.
  • Approved managers
  • License holders
  • Security guards responsible for crowd control
  • Any volunteers

It should be noted that every state and region has their RSA courses and course requirements. In some states, there is also the Nationally Accredited Course available, as well.

The importance of RSA

alcoholIt is very important that licensed hospitality businesses, employers, and employees, as well as governments, fully realize the damaging effects of alcohol and put in a great effort into protecting the community and individuals from these effects. Providing the necessary training through the RSA courses is a small, but still a crucial step towards handling the alcohol epidemic in a more efficient manner. When abused, alcohol can ruin many lives, but, if consumed appropriately, it can enhance the social environment and interactions.